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Alley Roots, Unconventional Urban Beauty

Alley Roots is a Canadian project that combines urban and artistic elements under an unconventional perspective.

At Alley Roots we believe that a city is more than its main attractions, its touristic places, and its postcard landscapes.

We want to move forward.
We want to look at our cities with a new point of view.

We want to give value to those urban elements that characterize and distinguish a city, and that make it unique.

At Alley Roots we also believe that beauty is there, anywhere, ready to be discovered!
We only need to open our eyes, our minds, and our points of view.

We need to undertake new routes or just look around us with a new perspective, and we will bump into unexpected urban beauties!

Aimed by these feelings, at Alley Roots, we walk around Toronto following secondary paths and alternative routes.
We live the city. We breathe its soul. We eat its energy. We feel its heart.

In a continuous flow of discoveries, angles, and views, we will catch the real Toronto and we will give it the value and the esteem it deserves!

We know that, only looking at the city with an unconventional perspective, we will discover ordinary unique urban elements.
We will be fascinated with an alley, a manhole, a building, a bridge, a street, a tunnel, a sign.
We will play with the urban details that make Toronto unique and that make Toronto the city where we belong.

Because it doesn’t matter if we are born here or if we recently moved from another country, Toronto belongs to us and we belong to Toronto in an endless connection that enhances, inspires and develops our minds and our souls.

Reinforced by these feelings, at Alley Roots we will create unique Toronto pieces for unique Toronto citizens!
Discover Unconventional Urban Beauty!

Be part of Alley Roots!