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Toronto T-shirt Collection

Ordinary and Unique Urban Elements of Toronto

At Alley Roots we believe that Toronto is more than its touristic attractions and its postcard landscapes. Toronto is its unique urban elements that make it the city where we belong in an endless connection.

At Alley Roots we walk around Toronto following secondary paths and alternative routes and looking at the city with an unconventional perspective.

In a continuous flow of discoveries, angles, and views, we will uncover ordinary unique urban elements of Toronto and we will give them the value and the esteem they deserve. At Alley Roots we create unique Toronto pieces for unique Toronto citizens! 

Toronto T-shirt collection combines urban and artistic elements of Toronto under an unconventional perspective.

The Crosswalk T-shirt faithfully reproduces shapes and colors of a crossing light working on King Street East during a mild spring night.

The Manhole T-shirt has been created tracing the shape and pattern of one of the most stepped on, consumed, and lived manhole in the ever-rising Junction neighbourhood of Toronto.

The Streetcar T-shirt has been created where hundreds of red old streetcars cross their ways, on the intersection between Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street West.

High Park T-shirt has been created faithfully tracing the shape and pattern of a unique manhole discovered in Bloor Street West right close to a secondary path entrance. 

Inspired by Toronto,
Designed by Alley Roots.