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A Park in Toronto

Manhole cover in High Park, Toronto
Backside entrance to High Park. Open the door, jump into the labyrinth, and get lost into intertwined paths. Only wandering around you will find your tree. A tree to hug and coddle that will give you the positive energy you need.

At Alley Roots we believe that High Park is the lung of Toronto. A lung that, pulsating with its own slow and constant rhythm instills in the city a balance of energy and quiet, vitality and relaxation. 
A lung that will give you time to explore yourself away from the concrete and the asphalt. High Park will help you to find your balance and your natural rhythm.
Inspired by a secondary entryway to the park, Alley Roots created High Park design.

High Park design has been created faithfully tracing the shape and pattern of a unique manhole discovered on Bloor Street West right close to a secondary path entrance. Inspired by High Park. Designed by Alley Roots.

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