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A Light in Toronto

Crosswalk Light in Toronto | Photo by Alley Roots
The sun has come for another day. The night is slowly and constantly covering the city. The crosswalk lights are weary pulsating and flashing above the street. Their lights reflect on the hoods of the cars and on the windows of the streetcars that are still running around Toronto. 

At Alley Roots we believe that crosswalk lights are yellow eyes on the city. They patiently watch the pedestrians crossing the streets. They monitor the flow of the city making sure that streetcars, buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians live side by side every day.

Inspired by the crosswalk lights on King Street East, Alley Roots created The Crosswalk design. The Crosswalk design faithfully reproduces shapes and colors of a crosswalk light working on King Street East during a mild spring night. Inspired by the Crosswalk Lights of Toronto, Designed by Alley Roots.


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