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A Streetcar

Toronto Streetcar T-Shirt
 Sunset, an old tireless streetcar has just completed its last route and it is now going to rest its rusted gears. A spider web of cables will assist with its last efforts.

At Alley Roots we believe that each of the Toronto streetcars is a tireless red blood cell nourishing the city every day. All together they are the blood of Toronto flowing through its arteries, veins and vessels in a continuous and endless activity. 

Inspired by the link of a vein and artery, Alley Roots created The Streetcar T-Shirt.
The Streetcar T-Shirt has been created where hundreds of red blood cells cross their ways, on the intersection between Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street West. Here cables, streetcars, and tracks are interlaced in a flow of energy and vitality.

Inspired by a Toronto’s Intersection, 
Designed by Alley Roots.